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About Us

About Us

About Us
Eastern Titanium is a leading supplier and manufacture of titanium,Nickel and refractory mill products. Our goal is to consistently provide our products as per customer requests, to keep their production moving forward – whether that production is for oil exploration, medical product, high-end aerospace component or general manufacturing. We will be there whenever you need.
Eastern Titanium was established in 2011, With nearly 6 years development, we supply products to the aerospace, medical, racing, and  industries. Our product and industry knowledge, combined with our reliable inventory, allows us to provide best service and continually supply our customers with the qualified products they need.
Eastern Titanium always been a non-mainstream supplier,we always bring  surprise to the market, such as Titanium Gr5 pipe was developed in 2015.small coiled tube with 12M length in 2014.
No inquiry is too small at Eastern titanium, Never thought who can supply 1kg/1pc.We offer quick responses to customer inquiries, and specialize in the rapid delivery of small quantities of hard-to-find metal materials.
It's our hope to that you can take advantage of all these benifits to allow Eastern Titanium to support your organization, Top grade quality and top level service here,Please call us or email us to have a trail order here.

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Name: Eastern Titanium Co.,Ltd
Tel: +86-513 87380372
Fax: +86-513-87309182
E-mail: info@e-tini.com
Add: #666,huimin road,rugao city,jiangsu province
SKYPE: xiehuang04